In order of importance.

1. The food

Was there enough food? Was it good? Who were the caterers? These are just some of the questions you will hear repeatedly right after any wedding. In Malta, this seems to be our prime concern (and, who can blame us, we are such foodies!) so particular attention needs to be paid to ensuring your guests leave satisfied and wowed.

2. The venue

Here in Malta we are blessed with beautiful wedding venues – reception halls, restaurants and even some more off-beat locations such as beach clubs – and there is really no excuse for bad taste. Luckily, with the gamut of choices available, all you need to think of is how to style it!

3. The drink

We know a good vintage when we see it. Treat your guests to some of their favourite whiskey and gin brands (which are all the rage!) or surprise them with some beautiful infusions and stand-out cocktails. Balance quality with quantity for a truly watered affair.

4. The dancing

Inspire your guests to get their groove on with your first dance, and, if you’ve got two left feet, fear not. No one is going to expect you to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (because, let’s face it, who of us are?) but smile and have a good time. That joy is infectious.

5. The love

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As is the love you share. Some couples look like they have the world on their shoulders on their big day. Don’t let that be you. Remember, this is a celebration of the love, care and respect you have for one another. These are good times, ones you will look back on fondly and wish you could do it all over again.

6. The hospitality

Everyone wants to feel welcome and this sense of hospitality is passed on in the little details. Smile and say hello. Say thank you. You don’t need to spend your entire wedding going around and shaking everyone’s hand (as some couples do) to show how much their presence means to you. Instead, be warm and spontaneous and really show them what a pleasure it is to see them on your big day.

7. The dress

This is probably one of the first things brides think about when they get engaged. But, funnily enough, this may not be what your friends or family recall of your wedding day (unless you’ve limped up the aisle in something so tight you can’t move, or one of your girls decides to make an appearance). Don’t stress when choosing your gown: remember, you need to love it. No one else.

8. The cake

For years, fruit cake used to be one of the only options for couples getting married (though some people believe it takes one to love one). Today, there are as many flavours as there are colours, and the only difficulty is choosing which! Why not try them all? You can opt for vanilla, chocolate, almond and red velvet if you want – one for each tier.

9. The details

The devil is in the detail. Your guests will notice if something is off whack so pay attention to the little things: the flowers at the church; the table-settings; your hair accessories and consistency of colour and theme, which would usually also extend to your wedding invites.

10. The bridesmaids

They are your best friends and closest female relatives, so make sure they shine on your big day too. Get their input when choosing their dress (after all, they have to wear it) and don’t give them a task they would feel uncomfortable doing. This is a special occasion for all of you and their glow will be noticed as much as yours.

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