1. Opt for a spring-time flavour

Warmer days have arrived so why not pair this beautiful weather with equally gorgeous white gowns, made of chiffon? Choose the tone carefully though to make sure it makes the most of your best gals’ skin tones!

2. Shake it up

Simple doesn’t mean boring and these boho chic-inspired dresses are as individual as it gets. Let your bridesmaids choose which look would suit them the most – after all, you want them to be able to enjoy the outfit even after your special day.

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3. Slinky numbers

Raise a glass to sexy, slinky numbers. And, these gowns always look better on women who have a few curves to them, so tell your ladies not to hold back and have that extra slice of cake if they want it. Always make sure to organise enough fittings so they look and feel their best.

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4. Elegance becomes them

If you love the effortlessly classic, then opt for dresses which breathe new life into well-known shapes, necklines or cuts. You could even decide to mirror the tone of your own wedding gown, so this truly looks like a family affair.

5. Beautiful contrasts

White gowns always look stunning when photographed against darker tones worn by the groomsmen. They don’t need to don all-black suits to stand out, however. White contrasts beautifully with navy or with lighter colours such as light blue.

6. Make the jump

Who said they must be dresses? For a more modern wedding, opt for jumpsuits which will give your gals room to move, dance and rock n’ roll!

7. For a laid-back look

Cotton on to the new trend on the block: relax-wear. This does not mean handing out jogging pants to your best mates. Rather, make sure they are comfortable and wearing breathable material – they’ll thank you for it for years to come!

8. Add a dash of sparkle

And, if you would still like an injection of colour into your day, team white up with a metallic tone. Gold or bronze work well when contrasted with the crisp absence of colour, but silver might prove to be the most unique option, adding sparkle without diluting the striking nature of the gown.

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