For the slim and petite

While many young girls grow up with dreams of gliding down the aisle in a voluminous ball gown, a very full dress can dwarf a petite frame and make you look like you’re drowning in a cupcake. If you’re small and slender, opt for a more form-fitting dress, which follows the body’s natural line and adds length. If you’re really dead set on a dramatic skirt, go for an A-line dress which has a tight bodice and a skirt with a subtle but still eye-catching flare, or a fit and flare gown which accentuates your silhouette but still offers volume.

For the full figured

In Malta, the majority of us are carrying at least a few extra kilos, and looking for a wedding dress can be a dispiriting exercise when a lot of gowns seem to have been designed with someone tall and willowy in mind. But never fear – there are plenty of beautiful dresses out there for every shape. Look for a dress with ruching, which offers support and structure, empire waists with a flattering A-line cut, or a gown with a drop-waist, which sees the flare start from just below the hips, carving out a flattering waistline.

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For the top-heavy

A lot of outfits which look perfectly demure on a woman with a small chest can look unintentionally risqué when you have a large bust. To flatter your natural assets without looking too over the top, look for a dress with a soft, off-the-shoulder look, a subtle V-neck or draped cowl neckline. A trumpet-shaped dress (similar to the mermaid cut but slightly easier to navigate) or a gown with a peplum detail will also help create a more balanced silhouette.

For the pear-shaped

If you’re curvier at the bottom than at the top, look for a dress which flatters your top half without concealing your booty completely. A drop-waist dress is a good option, as it follows the natural shape of the body until just below the waistline, and then flares out, creating an elegant outline. Pear-shaped brides are also good candidates for tea-length dresses, featuring a fitted bodice that then flares out into a skater-style skirt.

For those with an hourglass figure

Many of us spend hours doing squats at the gym and sweating it out in spinning classes to achieve the much-desired hourglass shape – well-proportioned bust and hips and a trim waist and legs. If you have a figure like this, you have plenty of options to choose from, but a mermaid dress – which is form-fitting until it reaches knee-level, where it fans out into a pretty tail – is particularly lovely.

For the tall and skinny

If you’re tall and model-esque, you can carry off any style of gown that you like – lucky you! If you’d like to create the illusion of curves, step away from the sheath dresses which can flatten your shape and opt for a dress with bodycon details. To showcase your legs, look for a dress with illusion panels or a glamorous side slit.

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