Our wedding cake dreams usually revolve around towering masterpieces decked with flowers, fruit or foliage, with multiple tiers for maximum impact. However, these smaller, understated, single-tier wedding cakes prove that size isn’t everything.

Flowers & texture

Textured white frosting, large blooms and a generous single tier – what’s not to love?

All the detail

This feather-adorned cake, where each feather is gently positioned to create a sense of movement, proves you don’t need many layers to make a statement.

Boho Chic

Semi-naked and topped with on-trend succulents, we can’t think of a prettier cake if we tried. 

Of glitz and glamour

The gold topping, the red flowers, the green fronds – it’s spectacularly eye-catching despite being small!

Oh so simple

There are times when less is more, and it works completely. This is one such case – the simplicity and demureness of this cake speaks volumes.


White icing, white flowers, and white ribbons decorate this single-tier cake, set on a white base… just perfect for an all-white wedding.

Rustic charm

Elegant yet understated, this barely naked cake is full of rustic charm, complete with flowers and sumptuous macarons.

Drip Details

The drip detail down the side of this gorgeous single-tier cake, complete with berries, figs and flowers, is the stuff our wedding cake dreams are made of.

Thomas Steibl

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