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19th November 2016

8 Tips To Read Before Booking Your Wedding Cake

7 Tips To Read Before Booking Your Wedding Cake

Shopping around for your wedding cake? Here are some things to consider before booking a baker.

Your wedding cake is not simply the dessert at the end of the feast, but also a statement centerpiece that will draw attention from guests long before they’ve even tasted it. Here’s what you should keep in mind when selecting the cake for your big day.

1. Have a budget in mind

We always mention this as the first item in any wedding planning list, but since the price of cakes can vary from around €5 to €15 per slice, it’s certainly worth keeping in mind. Think about which elements of the cake are the most important to you – complex flavours, elaborate decorations – and prioritise those over other aspects that are secondary to you.

2. Read up on textures and flavours

We’ve no doubt you’ve done your homework, but sometimes there can be a surprisingly great divide between the way a cake looks and the way you want it to taste. For example, you may really like the polished look of a fondant-covered cake, but not enjoy how thick and sugary it tastes. A good compromise could be a cake that’s coated in buttercream with a thin layer of fondant keeping everything locked in.

3. How do you want the cake to look?

It’s your wedding so you can do what you want, but it’s generally advised not to go too wild on the colours of the cake. While a bright blue cake that complements your wedding colours may be tempting, it may not look terribly appetising when served by the slice! As a rule of thumb, leave the bright colours as accents to more neutral-coloured cakes.

4. Consider the weather

This isn’t much of a problem in winter, but some cake ingredients will not fare very well in the heat of summer – we’re thinking of whipped cream, buttercream and meringue in particular. Fondant is a safe bet, but if you don’t want a fondant-covered cake, your baker should be able to offer you different summer icing options.

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5. Match the height of the cake to your space

A grand and towering cake fits in well in a large, baroque space, but if you’re having a smaller wedding or are hosting the reception in a more laid-back venue, a smaller cake will do nicely. You can have sheet cake in the back with the same flavours to serve guests, saving money in the process.

6. Details and toppings

Cake toppings are no longer limited to plastic him ‘n’ her figurines – from handcrafted monograms to porcelain antiques, the choices are limitless. You can also ask whether your florist and your baker can work together to create a cake topper that matches the rest of the floral scheme.

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7. Delivery and setting up

Complex cakes may not necessarily arrive in final form, so when you’re booking the delivery, make sure there’s enough room for the cake to be put together as well as time to do so before the reception starts. Once the masterpiece is delivered, it needs to have a suitably prominent, well-lit place to be displayed which matches the shape of the cake.

BONUS: Don’t bother saving the top tier for your one-year anniversary

Seriously, it’s a sweet idea but it won’t taste good after having being in the deep freeze for a year. Eat the top tier while it’s fresh and delicious. You can always track down a cake with the same flavours to celebrate your anniversary.

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