Aries are the leaders of the zodiac; they want their wedding to be ground-breakingly original and exciting and will spare no expense to do so. Their thirst for adventure means that they’re the most likely sign to decide to throw a lavish destination wedding somewhere far-flung and exotic, but their short fuse means that they may end up butting heads with their long-suffering partner who hints that maybe, they should scale down their slightly over-the-top ideas.


Taureans tend to be good with finances, and if they’ve prepared a wedding budget, you can be sure that they’re going to stick to it religiously. They love great food, high fashion and all things beautiful, so when they see an aspect of their wedding that they believe is worth investing in, they will do so, gladly. But if there’s something that they’ve got their heart set on, beware – they don’t describe someone as ‘stubborn as a bull’ for nothing.


Geminis are enthusiastic and easy-going, so they’ll dive into wedding planning headfirst and be open to their partners’ ideas, especially if they’re a little offbeat. However, Geminis do get easily bored and can find decision-making difficult, which is why they’ll need a partner or a friend to bring them back down to earth when the stress of multiple choices starts to take its toll and deciding between vanilla and almond ends up feeling impossible.


Many Cancerians are loving, sensitive souls, who will have been dreaming of the day that they join souls with their partner since they were tiny crabs. Their creativity and passion means that they’ll throw themselves wholeheartedly into wedding planning, but they can easily get pessimistic and moody if a few setbacks come their way, potentially declaring that they didn’t even want to get married in the first place (a total lie). Cheer up, crabby one, it’ll all work out!


Leos just love being the centre of attention, so wedding planning finds them totally in their element – after all, what could be more on-brand than a day that is all about them? Their energy and optimism means that they won’t be easily exhausted by the endless rounds of appointments with vendors; however, they do have a massive ego, which means they’ll need to be constantly reminded that there’s another person involved in all of this, and their opinion matters just as much as the Lion’s does.


Fact – hyper-organised Virgos will enjoy the planning part of wedding planning more than the wedding itself. They’ll march in armed with mood boards, binders, fabric samples, catalogues and a to-the-minute timetable for how they want their day to proceed. They’re reliable and practical, so they’ll have realistic expectations for what they want out of their wedding, but they’re fastidious and very critical, so if something’s not up to scratch, they will be PISSED.


Libras love romance, balance and beauty so their wedding will probably be one of the most aesthetically pleasing parties you’ll ever attend. They’re charming and diplomatic, which means it’ll take a lot to flip them into full bridezilla mode, but on the other hand, they can be a little bit too laid-back, meaning that their other half will need to keep them on the ball when it comes to appointments and decisions.


Scorpios are legendary for their focus and their ability to get shit done, so even if they’re planning a wedding on a shoestring budget or a tight schedule, they will accomplish the wedding that they set out to. They’re brave and ambitious, laughing in the face of obstacles that would have other star signs in pieces. However, the Scorpion can be jealous, resentful and secretive, leading to unnecessary drama on what is supposed to be a day full of love and friendship. Make sure lines of communication are kept clear.


Sagittarians are so relentlessly positive that even if their dress falls to pieces, all the vendors back out, and the venue catches fire, they’ll just shrug their shoulders philosophically and say “Oh well! At least I haven’t been abandoned at the altar!” They’re generous and adventurous, so if the wedding does go right (and it probably will – that’s the power of positive thinking), it will be one to remember. However, they can be careless, tactless and impatient, so if their other half is having a harder time with the wedding planning, they need to think twice before putting their hooves in it.


Caps are disciplined, practical and wise, so they know precisely what they need to do in order to turn their wedding dreams into reality. They’re likely to set themselves an ambitious goal such as getting super fit before the big day, and they have the focus and self-control needed to accomplish it. However, if things look like they’re not going their way, they’re prone to get moody and shut down emotionally, and they’ll need some encouragement and coaxing from their partner to lift their spirits again.


Aquarians put their heart and soul into making the world a better place, so when they’re planning their wedding, they’ll try to make as many sustainable choices as possible. From replacing souvenirs with donations to a charity, to making sure all the disposable items at their wedding are biodegradable, this is one wedding where the common good is an important guest too. The only risk is that they may want to take it a bit too far (Aquarians have a tendency towards extremism) and end up with a wedding that resembles Earth Garden – not that there’s anything wrong with that!


Pisceans are the sensitive, selfless poets of the Zodiac, and during wedding planning, they’ll be doing everything in their power to make sure everyone – from their partner, down to the littlest flower girl – is happy and content. Setbacks affect them deeply, and they’re not the best at sticking to targets and appointments, so they need to have a strong support network to help them get back on their feet instead of flopping around miserably whenever something goes wrong.

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