Planning the perfect bachelorette for a close friend or even family member is hard work. There’s a lot of planning and logistics involved, and you can start feeling like you’re letting them down if any mishaps happen. Here’s how to make sure you

1. Have realistic expectations

All of us lead busy lives so if you don’t have time to plan the huge and elaborate Hollywood-style bachelorette you’ve always imagined, don’t feel guilty. Either scale down your grand plans or bring in another close friend or two to help you out.

2. Keep it affordable for all attendees

Hens and bachelorette parties can be expensive if you don't budget properly. Check in with the invitees to get a sense of what they can afford to avoid any unnecessary drama or last-minute cancellations.

3. Don't overextend the guest list

A bachelorette party should be fun and enjoyable, but if you have to herd more than 20 people around, it can be a bit of a nightmare. Stick to close friends, family members and her favourite co-workers.

4. Choose a place and plan the bride will love

When planning out the venue and activities, keep in mind what your BFF would actually want. If it’s something that you like, but that doesn’t seem to be up her alley, go back to the drawing board.

5. Figure out what the priorities are

Think about the most important things that the group wants out of the weekend, including quality time together, shared meals, and celebrating the bride. Identifying what is essential will be useful for planning the weekend, and will save you from disappointment if there are any minor setbacks.

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6. Check in with the bridal party

The bachelorette party should be a combination of what you know your bestie would love, and a few fun surprises along the way. Check in with the rest of the bridal party to see if they have any ideas. Get a group chat going with the rest of the gang – it will also help keep everyone in the loop.

7. Don't overschedule

If you’re planning a lavish bachelorette trip, chances are you’re a bit Type A, extremely organised and need everything to go according to plan. While this is admirable, don’t forget to leave room for down-time and chilling out. It’ll save you a lot of headaches and hassle, and it won’t make the others feel like they’re at bootcamp.

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