1. The calm before

Let the story begin from the start. The start of the day. You don’t need to roll out of bed to the glare of the camera lens, but plan to get your photographer as soon as you’ve had breakfast and look less I’ve-just-rolled-out-of-bed, than ‘I’m raring to go!’

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2. Getting ready

You will never, ever wear that dress again. We can guarantee this (unless you adapt it for more quotidian purposes). So, why not immortalise the moment in a series of shots you can look back on?

3. With your ladies

Whether your maids are numerous or you have the one special friend accompanying you down the aisle, this is a special moment for all of you, and a day you’ve probably chatted about since you were children. Frame the shot following the big day and give it out to your special ladies as a thank you!

4. A car shot

Yes, because this might be the only time you’ll ever get to ride in one!

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5. The groom waiting

Inevitably, our perspective on our lived experiences is pretty one-sided, which means we miss out on a lot of emotions we just cannot see. Ask your photographer to take positions which will allow him to see what you cannot, to get a deeper sense of what this day has meant.

6. The candid

And that’s why the most special of moments can only be those which are caught unexpectedly. Select your photographer based on his ability to be at the right place at the right time – it’s a much harder skill than taking great staged images!

7. And the cute!

Blink and you’ll miss it!

8. The fun one

Your wedding day should be fun, fun, fun! Don’t let the stress of all the logistics freak you out – relax and get your big smiles ready. This is one of the good things in life. Relish it.

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9. The kiss after the I do!

An absolute must, this shot is the one which usually features on sideboards around the country. And it will probably be displayed on yours too!

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10. An intimate shot

It’s the small moments which count – the intimate, hidden bursts of feeling which make it all worthwhile.

11. A ‘no one is looking’

This may be staged but it does look oh-so-stunning! This portrait shot of the both of you is one you’ll treasure for many years to come.

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12. The portrait shot

And, while this day is definitely one for the two of you, make sure you get an individual shot each to crown the day.

13. With your mum

If your mum didn’t request this on the day you told her you were engaged, then we’d be surprised. This is a special moment for the woman who taught you how to be strong and stand on your own two feet. Take some time out and make sure you make it all about your relationship.

14. The groomsmen

You have one of the girls, right? So, why not get one of those dashing guys?

15. The not-so-formal

Move away from the staid and the done-and-dusted, in favour of images such as this which celebrate the spontaneous, sunny personality of the day. Start as you mean to go on!

16. The generational link

If you’re lucky enough to have both your mum and grandmother at your wedding, then you cannot let the day go by without recognising the glorious link between the three of you. And, don’t forget to get a shot alone with your grandmother!

17. Your families

While many will say it’s all about the bride and groom, we beg to differ. Surely, you are both vitally important but it’s the moment we share with our loved ones which will be remembered when we’re old and grey.

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18. With the little ‘uns

They grow up so fast, images such as these will have you – and the rest of your family – looking back for more than one reason.

19. Your first dance

Remember that day he twirled you on the dance floor? Well, now you’ll have proof!

20. The going away

End the story of your special day with the beginning of the rest of your life together.

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