1. You’ve noticed something annoying about your future spouse

As the day nears, a tightness in the chest is common. The deep commitment you’re about to make starts to fully sink in and you start to doubt whether you’re making the right choice. After all, you’ve just noticed that your partner talks in their sleep/makes funny noises while eating/sniffs if they don’t like something. It’s never bothered you before but now you.just.can’t.get.it.out.of.your.head! But, don’t worry – these annoying quirks will soon fade away to the background!

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2. You haven’t felt like sex in a while

Well, who can blame you right? You must be exhausted with all the errands, trying to keep all your family and friends happy and updated, while keeping all your other balls in the air. It’s no surprise you don’t feel like a bit of fun and games. It is a phase everyone goes through so don’t be too hard on yourself. They’ll be plenty of catch-up time after the big day!

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3. You wonder if there are others out there

Knowing that you’ll be with this person for the rest of your life can be overwhelming and you may start to wonder if there is someone out there who you might have missed out on. It’s perfectly natural to do so – after all, forever does feel like a long time. But soul mates don’t actually exist (despite what the movies tell us!) and you’ve fostered a deep and meaningful relationship with your future spouse which is bound to continue growing. Keep watering your own field instead of looking over the fence!

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4. Fears of “I’ll never be single again”

If you used to have a grand old time when you were single, partying it up with your best mates till the early hours, the future may seem staid and uncertain, in comparison. It’s human nature to crave what we know. Yet, there will be other joys to discover when you’re married: the deep feeling of satisfaction as you wrap your legs around each other on the sofa; a glass of wine while catching up with each other’s day and sharing the joys of each other’s lives. These will be the moments where you’ll start to truly understand what life and love are all about.

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5. You feel like you’re constantly bickering

You’ve both been extremely stressed the past few months with all the wedding prep and it feels like there’s always something to do or some problem to solve. It’s no wonder you feel you’re always bickering. Planning a wedding is extremely stressful, but it does prepare you for the hiccups which will come up along the way. Just make sure to take a time out, once in a while, go on a date together – like in the old days – and forget all your worries.

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6. Their family is driving you up the wall like never before!

We all come with our own backgrounds and a family package our partners may not want to fully subscribe too. There are so many different personalities in any family, you’d have to be extremely lucky to get on with EVERYONE. But, even if you’ll be tied to these people forever, there will always be some good and, after all, they do love your spouse as much as you do, so some patience must be maintained.

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