1. Opt for the appropriate supplier

Knowing where to start from is a good idea. The choice can sometimes be so overwhelming, it may be difficult to know where to begin. But, ask those who have gone before you for some tips as to where to go and who to try first. Then, hit the ground running and make sure to sample as many different options as possible. You don’t want to settle on one too soon – unless you’ve looked into the mirror and thought ‘yes, this is absolutely it!’

2. Make it a family affair

Your daughter’s wedding will be the day when generations of your family come together. Your nearest and dearest – as well as your daughter’s – will all be present to watch her walk down the aisle. Why not extend that loving feeling to shopping for your dress? Take the bride – and your own mum if you’re lucky enough to still have her around – to get a different perspective….and a few truthful opinions!

3. Coordinate your colour

This is always a bit of a tricky one in terms of etiquette, though tradition is on your side. Generally, don’t go for white, or champagne. Black is also a big no-no (unless the tone is integrated into the wedding theme). Start your shopping – and choosing – early on. Once you’ve settled on a colour, you will need to inform the mother of the groom to avoid any embarrassing colour matches on the big day.

4. Think of the wedding style

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Do not opt for something which is completely incongruous to the overall theme and tone of your daughter’s special day. If the couple have opted for boho chic, why don’t you try to find something which fits in with what your daughter, and your new son-in-law, like best? After all, they are the stars of the show.

5. Don’t forget the details

How many fittings should you have? When should you get any alterations, if necessary? Should you have your dress steamed? You might think these are not important considerations early on, but you need to start making a list of the most practical of decisions. Sit down and make a plan, which you can then use to coordinate with your supplier. You’ll be thankful you thought ahead closer to the big day.


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