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14th November 2016


While The Sun Sets in Bali – David & Leah Camenzuli

From the bride’s gorgeous gown to the unparalleled ceremony and venue setting, David and Leah Camenzuli’s wedding day was the stuff of postcards. 

They exchanged ‘I dos’ by the water’s edge in beautiful Bali while the sun set over the beach – it was picture-perfect, and there was nothing ordinary about the stunning nuptials of David and Leah Camenzuli.

In November last year, David popped the question in the very same country that the newlyweds got married in on 3rd November, 2016. “David and I, along with another couple were in Bali celebrating their big move back to Australia. At that stage, we had been dating for two and a half years,” says Leah. “Our first dinner was at the renowned Starfish Blu restaurant in Seminyak, where David quietly ordered a 'dessert'.”

“Within seconds, out came a silver tray with flowers with the ring intertwined. I would love to say I clearly remember the words he said, but in a flood of tears and overwhelmed with happiness I managed to say ‘YES’ at the right moment. Simplicity is often the most beautiful.”

Leah, 26, Cabin Crew, handled most of the wedding preparations herself, although she and David, 31, Cabin Crew and Model, were in agreement on what they wanted.

“I was involved with the majority of the creative process. Before succumbing to the Pinterest obsession, we both agreed on the concept 'less is more',” she says.

“Our wedding was DIY and we would recommend it to anyone. Every piece of décor we got from Australia, Dubai and the world wide web. You can imagine both mine and David's parents were inundated with unanticipated packages for months on end.”

One aspect of wedding preparations that Leah was dead set on was the choice of flowers. “I was adamant about peonies for our floral decorations, but because they were out of season, we were forced to go the 'faux' route and it worked out beautifully. In addition, we are big fans of natural lighting from candles and beachfront views.”

The couple wanted their wedding to be white, simple and elegant, and their wedding album proves they undoubtedly pulled it off. “I made the easy decision to move to the beautiful island of Malta where David spent most of his childhood,” says Leah. “Because of this, David without question allowed me to make the decision of where our day will take place.”

“Our families come from all corners of the world – Sweden, Malta, London and Dubai. Australia was that little bit too far, and what destination other than Bali to throw a beautiful wedding. Plus, I must say having such incredible memories of our engagement in Bali, it just made perfect sense and I couldn't imagine it any other way.”

The newlyweds admit that their special day exceeded their expectations. “The amount of thanks and appreciation from our guests was overwhelming, the weather was perfect, and the infamous Bali sunset too. Both David and I really had the chance to enjoy ourselves with our close friends and family. It was perfect!”

Their wedding celebration was a personal reflection of their own lives, and was anything but traditional. “Considering we had so many people coming from all over the world, we wanted our day to be a time where all our friends and families got together and had an amazing time, rather than a formal, traditional wedding. And that is was! Inflatable swans, letter lights, cocktail seating and food stalls helped us create this festive feel.”

The couple exchanged vows before 65 guests at Villa Bayu Gita in Bali, followed by a reception at the same Villa. “Our incredible family and friends took time out of their hectic lives to celebrate with us,” says Leah. “As far as we’re aware, the only mishap that occurred was that one couple was holding an expired passport on the day of their intended departure date. This was quickly reconciled the next day and they made it. Otherwise, everything (to our knowledge) went swimmingly.”

So swimmingly, in fact, that they say choosing their favourite part of the day is simply impossible. “As cliché as its sounds, the entire day was our favourite.”

“Having lived in Dubai for years, to see our loved ones all in one place touched our hearts. Then, the moment we saw each other, one at the end of the aisle and the other at the altar, was the most unforgettable, breath-taking moment.”

“Lastly, I think after working tirelessly on your wedding, it’s beautiful to see it come together, unfold before us and our loved ones,” says Leah. “You see the flowers and furniture you chose, listen to the playlist you created, taste the food you couldn't wait to taste and so much more.”

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