A symbol of beauty and love, the rose is the flower of choice for special occasions and available in a range of gorgeous colours. It also pairs well with other flowers for centrepieces, and given that it’s a pretty sturdy flower, it works well in boutonnieres, corsages and sculpted arrangements.  


Peonies have become the new wedding flower staple, and rightly so as they symbolise happiness. Full of soft, fluffy petals and so delicate in colour, they are a perfect way to add texture to a pale palette of flower arrangements, and due to their size, help fill out a bouquet or centrepiece quite well.


You’ll find this big, bushy flower in a range of intense colours, such as pink, burgundy, purple as well as sky blue. Florists frequently use this flower to add volume to arrangements, and are a very flexible choice in terms of theme and style. It’s also got a very mild scent and could be a top choice for allergy sufferers.


This vivid flower associated closely with the Netherlands is a meaningful wedding choice and grows in a wide range of colours – from white and cream to pastel pinks and peaches and vibrant magentas and purples. It’s a particularly pretty choice for a summer wedding due and can work well in almost any floral set-up.


Orchids, which symbolise charm and beauty, add a tropical and ethereal air to any occasion and tend to be the flowers of choice for destination weddings. They’re delicate flowers available in several shades of green, white and purple, and would brighten up even the dullest of days, any time of year.

Baby’s Breath

What used to be a filler flower is now starting to take centre stage. One of the biggest floral trends over the last year has been the use of baby’s breath as a full bouquet, rather than an accompaniment to flowers. Its flower is pretty, delicate and lightweight, making it a perfect option to walk down the aisle with. The best part is that’s it’s also very affordable, so what’s not to love?

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