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4th September 2017

Vanni Pule

Wedding Diaries: Mary Anne and Vanni Pule'

Vanni and Mary Anne Pule' captured the Maltese public’s imagination as a magical double act. A few months after celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary, they tell us how it all happened.

Vanni and Mary Anne became an item in April 1971. Five years later, when he was 26 and she was 21, they were wed. “I never really proposed – it was more like we 'drifted' into it and decided together when we came across the right house,” Vanni told OurWedding.

The wedding took place on June 25 1976 at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church in San Gwann. The fresh-faced bride wore a slim-fitting satin dress covered by a loose caftan cape made of lace. Her head-dress was a satin braided wreath with a short veil. The couple faced the congregation during the church ceremony, which was rather unusual at the time.

The ceremony was followed by a reception with a buffet at Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, attended by about 600 people. “My favourite part was when it was all over and I could relax,” Vanni says, although he admits that Mary Anne had to take on the lion’s share of the planning. They spent their first night in a local hotel “where nobody knew us,” followed by a two week-long honeymoon in Paris, Nice and London.

The couple, who have two children – Konrad and Davinia – and four grandchildren – Zack, Julia, Norah and Gregory – celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year.

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