Although restrictions banning mass events, including weddings, have been lifted in recent weeks, many couples have been left confused as to whether they should carry on with their wedding arrangements while social distancing protocols remain in force.

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Addressing the situation in today's episode of the Boardroom hosted by local business portal, three local weddings vendors - Sarah Young - Director at Sarah Young Luxury Events & Weddings, Alistair Fenech – Director at Alistair Floral Design, and Veronica Zammit Tabone – Managing Director at Villa Arrigo Boutique Events - share their thoughts about this unprecedented situation.

Highlighting the uncertainty of the situation after Malta registered no new cases for a second consecutive day, Veronica said: "Second wave? I don’t know. But I would say that weddings should go ahead. It’s summer, it’s outdoors…then one has to revisit their situation in September."

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Veronica's comments were supported by both Alistair and Sarah, with the former stating: "Weddings and outdoor events…as long as we are taking care of each other, [they] should go along and proceed with their plans. If they are comfortable to carry on, we should encourage them and just go for it," Alistair said.

Sarah shared similar thoughts on the matter: "I think we all need to be positive, it’s useless tearing your hair out and getting depressed, we’re all in the same situation. Being positive, both from our end and the clients. I agree that certain weddings can take can have your wedding. Then again, you cannot force anyone."

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The vendors unanimously agreed that at this time of year they are usually "running around like headless chickens" and that these unprecendeted circumstances have shocked their industry, however they insisted their intention is to help local couples have their special day: "We need to support each other, and by supporting each other we can support the couples to have a brilliant day."

Watch the full discussion below:

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