Yesterday evening, new measures were announced by Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne and Superintendent of Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci in light of the recent spike in cases of COVID-19. A question on every soon-to-be-married couple’s mind is whether weddings can take place with these new measures.

In the press conference, Fearne confirmed that weddings can still take place, as long as the new measures are followed, primarily having one person per four metres squared and clusters of up to 10 people.


Still confused? Don’t fret! In comments to, Bizzilla wedding coordinators Catherine and Maria shared some valuable advice to couples who are set to tie the knot soon. “The most important thing is that the couple remains clam and focuses on the marriage rather than the reception.” They also shared some tips for couples to follow in order to keep calm and still go on with the wedding.

1. Take it step by step

Especially with your suppliers. If you have a wedding organiser, talk to him or her immediately about the new directives to decide on a way forward.

2. Remain in contact with your guests

Remind your guests to fill out the RSVP so that you know a near-accurate number of people to expect to plan accordingly.


3. Update your guests

Inform your guests of the measures you will be taking at the wedding. In this day and age, you can easily create a private Facebook group with all your guests and update them there.

4. Make a speech upon entering the hall

Coordinators advise making a speech upon entering your wedding venue (inform the band beforehand). Thank your guests for coming, inform them that you won’t be shaking hands in light of the situation and ask them to respect social distancing and stick to clusters of 10 people.

The government also noted that for events with more than 100 people, organisers need to apply for a permit from the Malta Tourism Authority, submitting a risk assessment.

Best of luck to all the brides and grooms getting hitched this year!

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