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9th September 2016


The Couple Travelling The World Before Getting Married

It takes guts to just drop everything and go exploring the world together – but that’s exactly what Romy Caruana and Luke Desira are doing before they tie the knot.

How did you and Luke meet? How long were you two together before he popped the big question?

I met Luke in April 2013 through our common friend Dana. We were only friends in the beginning and despite travelling to India together in a group that year we had no interest in each other – at least from my side! We got closer as time went by and in December 2013 we kissed and there was chemistry! We started dating officially in February 2014 and he has been my better half ever since. He popped the big question in April 2016 after just over two years. Apparently he wanted to propose in Thailand when we went on a two-month vacation in summer 2015 but then decided he wanted friends and family around to share our special moment.

Which countries have you been to so far? How many other countries do you have on your list?

We went to Colombia this summer and had a taste of South America. This was still our usual summer holiday – we didn’t even know we were going to quit. After that, we just extended the road trip from two weeks to two months and are currently on the road. We started from Sicily and drove up to Bari where we got a ten-hour ferry to Albania. We road tripped Albania for a week and just finished our journey in Montenegro heading to Croatia. After that we should be heading somewhere in Asia for a six month unplanned journey. You can follow and track our journey here live.

Was it tough to quit your job and take off for nine months? Were you two saving up beforehand?

We didn't actively save up before, but we had enough saved for both our travels and the wedding. Luke had his own business that he started from the ground up, but it came to a point where he didn't like what he was doing. He believes that work should be something you love. I wasn't particularly happy at work either, and I was getting tired of commuting to Gozo every day. Leaving was still hard because for the first time in my life I felt safe, settled and secure. But in 2012 I tattooed ‘dream, believe and make it happen’ on my ribs and Luke reminded me why I got the tattoo in the first place – to remember to follow my dreams! We are also travel blogging and making money as we go along. We want to help travellers by sharing travel tips, advice and inspiration. You can check out our travel blogs here.

Image Credit: M Antoinette Grima

What’s your favourite country from all the places you’ve been to? Why?

That's a tough question. Each country has its own unique beauty. I backpacked in Australia and New Zealand for 10 months in 2012 and they are amazing countries with such diverse scenery and terrain. I have a soft spot for Australia of course, because I was born in Sydney, but it’s an expensive country. India is also super special to us, its rich culture and beautiful people makes it a great country to travel to. And barring the cost of getting there, it’s super cheap!

What do you two love most about travelling?

We love to experience new cultures, explore the surroundings, go on adventures, meet the locals and other like-minded travellers. We love to soak in the beauty of countries and discover, the world is a big place and travelling educates us like no other school would. Luke likes to indulge in the country’s food – he will eat anything. When we were in Thailand, he ate maggots, cockroaches, frogs and even scorpions! It's all documented on our YouTube channel.

What’s the best thing about being together 24/7? What’s the most difficult part?

We believe that happiness is only real when shared, and travelling together allows us to share our common dream, seeing the world with the love of our lives. Our relationship keeps evolving, and we are getting to know each other more, even after two and a half years. However, being on the road together all the time can get stressful, because there’s no time apart. It’s the ultimate test to our relationship. Will we still tie the knot? Only time will tell.

Are you doing any wedding planning whilst travelling or are you going to leave it until you’re back in Malta?

I had booked the main things, such as the church, the venue, the catering and the band before I knew we were going on this trip. Our parents are taking care of some of the other wedding details, such as the flowers. I have no idea what I’ll do about the dress, but I'm thinking of sewing it somewhere in Asia while on the road! We will return two months before the wedding to sort out all the rest – if there are any wedding planners out there willing to help out, we need all the help we can get. Our wedding will be laid-back, we want our friends and family to wear relaxed clothing and enjoy themselves as much as possible to celebrate our love.

Do you think you’ll have a honeymoon as well after the wedding?

Of course – we can't have a pre-honeymoon and not an actual one!

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