1. Keep that list of guests handy

Organisation is key to the success of your big day. And, your notes, excel sheets and documents will come into good use long after you’ve said, ‘I do’. Have that guest list easily accessible so you know whom you need to thank. Don’t distinguish between those who might have given you more than others. After all, every little bit counts, and you might not have the full picture.

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2. Don’t forget your wedding planner and your suppliers

Showing a sign of thanks should not just be reserved to those who have generously given you a gift. Time is also a factor – as is great service. In many cases, the suppliers you have chosen used their professional expertise to ensure your day goes without a hitch (while, making sure you get hitched!). It’s time to also show them some appreciation. And, if you had booked a wedding planner, who accompanied you through the ups and downs of the process, it’s time to give a nod in that direction as well.

3. Make sure you have everyone’s home address…and include your return details

You would have sent most invitations by snail mail (unless you’ve gone all hi-tech), so the likelihood is that you’ve stored the addresses somewhere for safekeeping. But there might be some family members whose invites got hand delivered by one of your parents. It that’s the case, ask your mum or dad to get the correct details you need to send them this token of appreciation.

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4. Send them within three months of your wedding day

While there is some debate over how long you can wait before sending your thank you notes, we say the sooner the better! This doesn’t mean you need to wake up the day after you’ve gotten hitched to quickly write out your cards, or that you need to juggle packing for your honeymoon with putting them in envelopes. But, don’t wait too long either. Popular consensus states you absolutely shouldn’t wait longer than three months – after all, there’s no excuse to, right?

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5. Add a touch of the personal

And, when thanking, don’t forget to include a little bit of you both as a couple to give it that heartfelt note of sentiment. Your loved ones will not easily forget the care and attention you have paid to making them feel well appreciated!

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