The events of the past months, particularly from March 2020 when the pandemic virtually halted everything in our lives, will likely have a lasting effect on the world of weddings. From a focus on sourcing local to the rise of micro weddings, here are some 2021 wedding trends to keep an eye on according to Bliss Magazine.

Big ballgowns

Many of the patient brides forced to postpone their wedding day are choosing to go all out with their choice of gown. Big ballgowns with personal touches, such as a hand-me-down veil or embroidered details, are expected to be popular, and, luckily, ball gowns never really fall out of favour!

Authentic photography

The events of the past months have placed an emphasis on embracing what truly matters, and couples are increasingly requesting a casual, fun and intimate approach to their wedding photos, capturing the kind of fleeting moments that simply cannot be posed.

Wildflower arrangements

With an ever-growing appreciation for the outdoors and respect for nature, couples are opting for wild and seasonal flowers over imported ones; an eco-friendly choice which supports the growing need for sustainability in the world of weddings, and which look downright amazing too.

Locally sourced everything

Supporting local vendors has never been more crucial, and many couples are embracing this and channelling it through their wedding day choices, from food menus crafted with local ingredients to handmade décor items produced by local artisans and creatives.

Old Hollywood glamour

Brides-to-be are looking to up their beauty game with a striking look that evokes Old Hollywood glamour – a departure from the ‘barely there make-up’ look that’s been popular for years. Think sharp lines, bold lips, and charming accessories that are anything but minimal.

Raw materials

Textural details with a strong sway towards that 70s vibe are expected to be big – boho brides, rejoice! Raw and natural materials in the form of rattan décor, textured linens, wooden furniture and wildflowers will give any wedding a romantic yet laid-back edge.

Micro weddings

On the less lavish end of the wedding spectrum is a rise in micro weddings, typically consisting of smaller celebrations that tend to be more affordable, less stressful and a little more casual – not to mention intimate and equally stunning.

Focus on ambience

No matter the size of the celebration, mood-setting is becoming increasingly popular (and important) for weddings. Use lighting creatively, such as hanging pendant lights or fairy light curtains, and carve out corners at your venue that stir guests’ senses through live music, interactive food stations and tactile décor.

Bold sleeves

Elaborate sleeves that bring an added layer of detail and design to traditional wedding dresses are a major trend. From puffy or embroidered sleeves to structured, embellished or floaty options, letting the sleeves do most of the talking of your bridal ensemble simply screams modern bride.

Heirloom investments

Whether a stunning headpiece or decadent piece of jewellery, brides are approaching their accessories as an investment – an item they can wear time and again, and which can be handed down to future generations, creating new family traditions in the process.

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