Following this morning’s announcement of an 8th and 9th Coronavirus case reported in Malta, a Press Conference held at 12.45pm confirmed that all schools (including universities), child-care centres and churches have been instructed to temporarily close down.


Asked whether weddings should take place, the Prime Minister of Malta Dr Robert Abela had this to say: “A Wedding is a mass activity and our advice is for the event to be postponed.” He continued that: “This can be ignored, but I do not recommend this as this would mean we’d have to increase stringent measures.”

The PM sympathised with couples whose big day was coming up, but insisted that this is a pressing public health issue being experienced by over 100 countries and as such all care must be taken to prevent further spread of the virus: “If people don’t obey, we’d have to increase measures and reinforcements to make sure everyone follows them,” the PM warned.


The PM joked that the restrictive measures taken over the course of this week will likely make him an unpopular Prime Minister, however he insisted he'd prefer to be remembered as a responsible one.

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