1. Complement the destination

A beach wedding can vary from something casual and relaxed on a public beach to quite a formal do in a private resort. Make sure your dress complements the surroundings – nobody wants to be underdressed at their own wedding.

2. Choose the right fabric

You don’t want to spend the entire wedding itching to take off your stuffy, prickly dress, so make sure you choose a dress that’s made from a light, breathable fabric that allows you to move about freely.

3. Look at it in natural light

The way fabric looks in the artificial light of a bridal studio can be very different to the way it looks in bright sunlight. Make sure you know exactly how the dress will look in natural light before you decide.

4. Keep the sea breeze in mind

Even if you’re getting married at the peak of summer, it can get quite windy by the beach, so choose a dress that won’t have you starring in your own Marilyn Monroe moment as you walk up the aisle.

5. Go with the appropriate volume

A full-length dress can be beautiful for a beach wedding, but make sure it’s a cut that looks right for the occasion – a grand princess-style ball gown may look a little bit out of place in this situation. Again, consider the surroundings before you choose the dress.

6. Avoid a long, flowing train

If you’re not going to have bridesmaids bringing up the rear or a red carpet laid out, we’d advise a shorter train, as long trains on the beach will pick up all sorts of beach debris – sand is the least of your problems.

7. Choose beach-friendly shoes

Needless to say, stillettos and heels should be avoided during a beach wedding – if it’s a sandy beach, they’ll sink, and if it’s a rocky beach, you’re risking a nasty ankle twist. Go with beautiful jeweled sandals, pretty flats or even bare feet if you’re really after the bohemian look.

8. Consider adding some touches of colour

A beach wedding is the perfect place to have a little fun with colourful wedding dresses. It needn’t be a rainbow of hues – a tinted skirt, a pastel sash or some bright floral embroidery could be just the right touch.

9. Bring a shawl or a wrap

We’ve already mentioned the sea breeze but as our mums used to warn us, hdejn il-bahar ikun jaqbel. If you’re getting married on the beach later in the day, or if you’re planning to keep the party going on the beach late into the night, pick out a shawl or a wrap that you can wear to fend off the cold.

10. Top it all off with a beautiful headdress

Nothing says beach wedding like a gorgeous headdress, and we’re not talking a run-of-the-mill tiara either. You can’t go wrong with a pretty floral crown, or get inspired by the beach and bring out your inner mermaid with a shell crown.

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