The wedding is around the corner, the planning is almost done, and it’s now time for that shingdig you and your ladies have been waiting for – the bachelorette party! If you’re part of the bridal party and want to organise a bachelorette like no other for your bride-to-be, here are some party décor bits and bobs you definitely need.

1. A personalized banner

An obvious choice for a bachelorette party! Personalised banners are a big thing for this occasion. Designing a banner like ‘She said yaaas’ or ‘Last fling before the ring’ or even ‘Drunk in Love’ are all great ideas, using the bride’s favourite colour and maybe even throwing in a photo of the guest of honour!

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2. Décor kit

If you don’t have time to get creative with DIY decorations, go for an all-in-one kit that will definitely make your life easier! Choose a cute colour scheme including all the essentials: cups, plates, straws, banners, even balloons. This one’s a lifesaver!

3. Diamond ring ice cube tray

Use a clever silicone tray to make the coolest ice-cube shapes for a bachelorette – a ring, of course. If you intend on having the bride let loose along with all her guests, the tray can double up as a Jell-O shot maker that will get the party started.

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4. Pretty plates

While this may seem extra at first, get creative with bachelorette party decorations by way of playful and colourful plates, namely chic hexagon-shaped party plates, or in the bride’s favourite colour, or better still the wedding’s colour scheme. You’re also likely to find cute coordinating napkins, too!

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5. Photo props

This is an obvious and unmissable prop at every bachelorette party. Make the endless amounts of selfies of the night more interesting with hand-held photo props – think feather boas and glitzy hats. Because after all, what’s a party without a selfie station? Get ready for some cheeky snaps!

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6. Heart sparklers

You’re guaranteed a cute Insta moment with these heart sparklers! Stick them in cupcakes, or get guests to hold them while they cheer on the bride during the cake-cutting. They’re a cute bridal twist on the traditional sparkler choice.

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7. Bling balloon

How can you forget the bling balloon? A diamond ring-shaped helium balloon is a must at a bachelorette party and will definitely make for some sweet Instagram shots to post later!

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8. Doughnut stands

Doughnut stands are a low maintenance décor item, but will be a hit nonetheless because let’s face it, who doesn’t love doughnuts?

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