1. Make sure the size is right

Obvious, right? Nope! Our fingers tend to vary in size depending on the season – they’re generally slimmer in winter and more swollen in summer, so make sure that the size is as close to perfect as possible for you to be comfortable wearing it all year round, without the fear of losing it.

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2. Have it checked regularly for security

With daily use, those precious prongs that hold up the diamond or precious stone can loosen, so you can imagine what happens if they loosen too much. Like everything that’s valuable, your engagement ring requires some maintenance every two years or so to ensure everything is still as good as new.

3. Visit your jeweller if you gave it an accidental beating

Everyone’s guilty of having knocked their ring against a wall, door, cupboard or glass by accident – and although engagement rings tend to be tough as nails, especially when diamonds are involved, you’ll never be able to tell whether you scratched, cracked or chipped it. Take it to your jeweller for a closer inspection and put your mind at rest.

4. Avoid wearing it when using harsh chemicals

If you’re doing intense cleaning at home or elsewhere and are using bleaches, chemical cleaners, and other harsh agents, do your dear ring a favour and remove it. Although strong metals like gold and platinum can withstand a lot, you’re always better off protecting that ring from exposure to anything as unforgiving.

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5. Do not remove it in random places

How many times have you heard this one? Well, it’s because it’s so true! Removing your ring before washing the dishes, cooking or washing your hands might come as second nature, but you’d be amazed at how easily you can forget to put it back on. You’ll only lose it once, and it will be devastating.

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6. Especially not in rooms with drains

Keep your ring away from kitchen or bathroom window sills, drain boards or anywhere that’s too close to a drain. The last thing you’d want is to see your precious sparkler spiral down the drain without a single thing you can do to stop it!

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7. Have it polished by a professional

Scrubbing away at your ring with a toothbrush and washing liquid seems like a cheap and safe way for keeping it clean, but it’s certainly not the best way. Take it to your jeweller who will polish and return it to you as good as new, with half the effort and a lot more peace of mind.

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8. Store it properly

When you’re not wearing your engagement ring, you’d do well to store it somewhere that’s safe, in a clean box, and in a room that isn’t exposed to excessive heat or humidity. A lot of money was probably spent on that ring, so putting some effort into storing it well should go without saying.

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9. When in doubt, don’t wear it

There are times when you might worry whether wearing your engagement ring is even a good idea, either because you’d worry about damaging it or losing it. Whenever in doubt, leave your ring at home. It’s always a better option than ending up with no ring at all!

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