Out of control guests at a wedding are any couple’s worst nightmare, so it’s always wise to think carefully about who you’re inviting to the most special day of your life. If someone has a reputation for always ruining family gatherings with their wild behaviour, it might be better not to invite them at all. Of course, some guests are non-negotiable, so here’s how to deal with them when the unexpected (or in some cases, expected) happens.

1. Warn your wedding planner

If you know that someone is likely to let a bit too loose at the reception, let the professionals – be it your wedding planner, the venue representative, or the security team – know who to watch out for. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

2. Rope the rest of the family in

Many Maltese families have a feud or two simmering just below the surface, and a wedding can be the perfect powder keg to bring everything to a head. If there are two or more people who will be present at the wedding and openly loathe each other, make sure those around them can help keep them apart.

3. Limit the amount of booze available

If one of your guests is a little volatile, having open access to an open bar certainly won’t help the cause. While an open bar is traditional in most Maltese weddings, providing beverage guidelines – no shots and no doubles – could help mitigate the damage. You could also have a limited amount of spirits available, cutting off past a certain hour.

4. Have water on hand

Make water freely available to those people who don’t want to drink something alcoholic. Having easy access to water will often cool down any hooch-induced hot-headed behaviour.

5. Keep the snacks going

If your reception is going to go on for a long time (after-party included), consider having late-night snacks to make sure nobody is drinking on an empty stomach.

6. Make sure the kids are all right

While drunk adults can bring the party to a crashing halt, kids can also be pretty deadly when they’re off their normal schedules, hopped up on wedding cake and sweets, and running around in groups. If your party’s not an adults-only affair, make sure you also provide entertainment for the young ones, from professional animators to toys to keep them quiet.

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