With the Coronavirus spreading, many brides are considering postponing their big day – a sad thing, but prevention is better than cure! If you’re coming to decision as to whether or not to postpone your wedding day, here are some things you’ll need to consider to get the ball rolling if the need arises.

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Contact your venue

Reach out to your venue, explaining the situation (they’re probably be up to speed anyway) and telling them you’ll be postponing. Ask to see their empty slots that are available to reschedule your wedding. March, April and May weddings seem to be shifting to September or later on, and dates are selling out fast.

Church wedding? Gotta contact them too

It’s important to reach out to the venue where your ceremony was meant to be held, whether it was a church or any other venue, you need to make sure that your new selected date is available on their schedule, too.

Get in touch with your other vendors

Once you get those things out of the way, it’s time to contact everyone else. Prioritise your calls in the same way you prioritised them when booking. Work your way down the list, asking each vendor what their rescheduling policy is and highlight the fact that it’s postponed rather than cancelled. From what we’ve heard through the grapevine, many vendors are being very supportive and understanding of the situation so this bit shouldn’t be that difficult.

Let your guests know ASAP

Once all of this is sorted, let your guests know about your new wedding date so they can save the date in advance. You can send out cute postponement cards or a simple Facebook status will do. They’ll definitely understand given the situation we’re in.

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Cancel (or shift around) your honeymoon

Say ‘sayonara’ for now to travelling, what with the airport being closed off until further notice. Contact your travel agent or airlines, accommodations and let them know that you will be cancelling your travel plans. You may also want to inquire about shifting your entire booking.

Take a deep breath

Breathe in, breathe out! Everything is going to be alright and you will walk down the aisle soon enough. For now, maybe take this time to explore other wedding ideas, embrace your feelings and distress a little.

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