1. Think ahead

You’ve booked the church, the reception venue and the cars. But, have you given some serious thought to the care and attention you need to give yourself to make sure you’re looking your best on the day? Well, now is the time. Six months before, speak to a skin specialist who can guide you on what products you may need to use and what you should avoid. Do your research and determine what type of look you are going for, particularly when it comes to hairstyle and facial hair.

2. Facials aren’t just for women

You might want to link your appointment with the specialist with a facial, which you would, ideally, repeat every 3-4 weeks up until the big day. They will not only help you regenerate your skin, clean off the dead cells and moisturise it, but it will also destress you.

3. It’s all in the routine

While women’s daily facial cleansing and moisturising routines are well-known and extremely common, for some reason many men think this is only for their better halves. Great skin comes with some effort and if you’re looking forward to a momentous event, such as your wedding, you want to look your best. Take some time at the beginning and end of every day to invest in your skin’s appearance. There are many products on the market, whatever your price range, so there’s really no excuse.

4.Shave or tame your beard

Choose your razor carefully – you might want to invest in a new one if your standard one is not giving you as close a shave as you would like. And, remember to moisturise and slap on some aftershave afterwards! The day before, you might also want to pamper yourself by having it professionally done. There are plenty of barber shops on the island, some of which will also give you a whiskey while they’re making you look your best. Win-win!

5. Slap on some sunscreen and wear some shades

Not just on the day itself, but all throughout summer. This should actually be part of your daily routine, as important to your general well-being as the food you crave. When choosing your sunscreen, watch out for an SPF which attacks both UVA and UVB rays and keep an eye out for the level of protection it affords. Go for a high SPF if you’re planning to spend the day out, and never opt for anything below SPF 25, even if you’ve got striking Mediterranean skin. And, keep those shades on to protect the delicate skin around the eyes.

6. Have a hair cut

Finally, make sure your hair is looking groomed with a haircut done not earlier than two days before the wedding. Know what style you’re opting for beforehand – though try not to experiment too much just before your wedding day! Go for something you feel comfortable with and which you know suits you. You don’t want any nasty surprises so close to the big day.

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