While monetary gifts are a great choice, sometimes a couple would also appreciate a memorable gift. Whether it’s something they can cherish or an experience can share together, here are some ideas for unique wedding gifts.

Personalised champagne bottle

Why not give the couple something tangible they’ll remember? A personalised champagne bottle with a cute graphic and their wedding date could be a sweet idea. And hey, maybe they could save it for their 10th anniversary!

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Graphic design of the couple

Another sweet idea is getting a graphic designer to create a piece that really captures the couple. Maybe a portrait of the two of them or adding any pets or children they might have together.

Engraved glasses

Whether they’re wine drinkers or whiskey drinkers, engraved glasses are another option. You can go for a monogram or their initial or even a Mr and Mrs matching set (or Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs).

Museum membership

Are they culture vultures? If you do a bit of digging and find out which local museum is their favourite, you can buy them a membership to go check out their favourite art.

Cooking class

A cooking class is a fun option as a wedding present – and hey, it even doubles up as a date night idea! Search for some cooking academies and purchase the best cooking class.

Luxury hotel vouchers

If the couple loves to venture off to new places, hotel vouchers are a fabulous idea! It could be just a trip to a nearby country or possibly a long-haul one, but the travel bug in them will definitely enjoy this gift.

Airline tickets

If you’re heading to a friend’s wedding your group of mates could team up and buy airline tickets to complement the hotel vouchers. Because who doesn’t love a free holiday?

Craft beer box

Is the couple big on beer? A craft beer box could be another go-to gift option which they’d definitely appreciate. Whether it’s during dinner, while having friends over or while watching a game, craft beer will go down nicely, and they’ll remember you every time!

Coffee subscription

A coffee subscription is another great option, especially if they down coffee like it’s water.

An adventure activity

An adventure activity is also a great gift. Whether it’s a hiking trail, quad biking or scuba diving, the couple’s adventurous side will definitely be tingling.    

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