1. Kris Micallef

As an award-winning fashion photographer, Kris Micallef’s wedding photography style is distinctive in its ability to capture the mood of the day yet with a fashionable edge. The muted colours, the details and his artistic black and whites are pure perfection.

Kris Micallef

2. Tonio Lombardi

Also with a background in fashion photography, Tonio Lombardi ventured into wedding photography with a distinctive style of his own: photojournalism and telling meaningful stories through photography. He has an unparalleled knack for capturing the emotions of the day.

Tonio Lombardi

3. Brian Grech

With 20 years of experience in photography, ranging from food and interiors to people and weddings, Brian Grech has more than perfected his craft. His wedding photos have a classically timeless style, the kind you’ll never get tired of seeing again and again.  

Brian Grech

4. Shane P. Watts

His couple portraits have an effortlessly romantic feel, making the best use of balmy evening light, dramatic night time skies and beautiful background settings. Shane P. Watts’s quick and sharp eye also means he’ll capture some of the most candid moments on camera, which usually turn out to be the most unforgettable shots.

Shane P. Watts

5. George Saguna

George Saguna, who also runs a photography blog called Working With Light, delivers the most vibrant day time photos you could wish for on your wedding day. He also has a keen eye for detail, recording every effort that went into planning your wedding. 

George Saguna

6. Rene Rossignaud 

We must have all been to a wedding where Rene Rossignaud was the designated photographer – he’s highly in demand, and with good reason. The photographer is quick, spontaneous and always appears to be at the right place at the right time, and he delivers photos at lightning speed after the wedding is over.

Rene Rossignaud

7. Katerina Vella Rybakova

Katerina Vella Rybakova’s style is romantic and sensual – she captures couples with dreamy expressions, as though they’re all alone rather than with an attentive photographer at the ready nearby. The results are stunning, offering intimate glances into the couple’s big day.

Katerina Vella Rybakova

8. Inigo Taylor

Known for his candid portrayals of Malta’s men and women in characteristic Maltese settings, a project he aptly called The Maltese, Inigo Taylor has honed the skill of capturing people in real moments, a skill that he’s expertly applied to wedding photography, creating unforgettable photos.

Inigo Taylor

9. Mark Cassar

Mark Cassar’s style is as natural as it gets, capturing the mood, emotions and energy of the day without excessive fuss and frills. There’s a certain lightness to his wedding photos that exude a sense of joy, and, coupled with a ‘think outside the box’ attitude, you’re guaranteed a memorable photo album.

Mark Cassar

10. Ian Abdilla 

The mandatory couple shots are those perfectly poised ones which you’ll likely frame and give to loves ones, which Ian Abdilla captures with gusto, however, he’s also an expert at delivering some unexpected gems like this one – you can feel the excitement from where you’re sitting!

Ian Abdilla

11. Franklin Balzan

Franklin Balzan is an award-winning photographer with an eye for perfection and harmony. Influenced by his Christian upbringing, Franklin's work is characterised by an intimate and thorough approach which helps to uncover the invisible. Franklin will take on the role of a storyteller on your special day by using his distinctly romantic and elegant style to artistically depict your wedding story.

Franklin Balzan

Jonny MP Photography

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