Actress and former X Factor Malta judge Maxine Attard opened up about her recent miscarriage in the latest episode of the Mpowered podcast, hosted by Trudy Kerry.

Maxine married her husband, Adrian, in September 2020, in what she called “a real dream wedding.” The two were quick to start trying for a baby, and Maxine managed to get pregnant rather early on. It’s safe to say that they were absolutely ecstatic about the news.

The world came crashing down on Maxine and Adrian, when, around the eight to twelve week mark, it was revealed that the pregnancy was no longer viable.

“Society paints a picture where you fall in love, get married, and have babies, and it’s not like that at all”, Maxine said, “people don’t speak about [miscarriages].”

At her eight-week gynaecologist’s appointment, Maxine’s doctor found a clot on the lining of her uterus, which is fairly common. She was prescribed some pills and Maxine went on to do “everything by the book.”

However, as soon as her 12-week scan came along, the doctor couldn’t hear a heartbeat.

“Time froze,” Maxine said.

She miscarried around four days later, in what she described as an “agonising” phase. “The body was flushing out everything, including the embryo and the sack,” she added.

The actress went on to appeal for better sex education in schools, particularly regarding the topic of miscarriages.

“I think the school systems should be teaching men and women about everything to do with reproduction”, she concluded.

Thank you, Maxine, for creating awareness about such a stigmatised topic!

Main Images: YouTube/ Trudy Kerr

                      Instagram/Maxine Aquilina

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