1. You trust them implicitly

It sounds like a cliché but being with someone you trust is paramount. If, in your heart of hearts, you feel doubt about what your loved one is doing, or whether what they’re saying is the truth, then there is no future in this.

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2. Being with them feels like a balm to your troubled soul

We all have work issues, family problems and worries which seem to plague us day and night. But if you’ve found a person who makes you feel at peace when you’re in their company, then you’re sorted!

3. They make you laugh – even when you’re angry

There will be times when the person closest to you makes you raving mad! You may be in the midst of an argument – you may even be yelling at the top of your lungs – but if he says something to make you laugh, and you do, that’s a sign you’re onto a winner.

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4. They prioritise YOU!

Easy test. Their friends have invited them out for a night on the town, but you’d rather do something together. Does he ditch you…or them? Being a solid couple, with each other’s best interests at heart, doesn’t always mean self-sacrifices, but it does mean consideration for the other person’s feelings.

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5. You have the same life plans

Do you both want kids? Do you both plan on staying in Malta or do you have big dreams which will mean living away from family and friends? These are big decisions – and difficult ones at that – but you should be on the same wavelength if this relationship is going to survive in the long-term.

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6. You feel life is full of colour when you’re with them

You know the feeling. Sometimes, you meet someone who just makes everything better. Watching a tremendous film or savouring a delicious meal means more when you’re sharing it with somebody you care for. And, it’s that person who’s a keeper!

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7. You love how they smell

Something which cannot be measured, deep and intimate connections do have a certain olfactory sense to them. Walk up to them and nestle your nose in the nape of their neck. Take a deep breath. Does it make you giddy with comfort and joy?

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