1. Your sex life

What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom – whether you’re thrilled with your escapades or not. If it’s the latter, seek professional opinion rather than blabbing to your friends, as opening up too much might actually be an impediment to getting things sorted.

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2. Money matters

When you’re in a serious relationship, you need to be up front with each other on the issue of finance. But your partner’s situation is confidential – and should be treated as such. They have opened up to you about the nitty gritty and it’s no one’s business how much money they have or make.

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3. Family affairs

While friends are the family you choose, we’re not all lucky enough to enjoy deep and formative relationships with our relatives. If your partner has suffered in the past and has a complicated bond with their parents, it’s not up to you to go telling the world. Keep schtum – and let them do the talking, only if they want to.

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4. Your ex’s past

While there may be some debate on how much your partner should know about your past, and you about theirs (we would say, be open!), the rule is that these heart-to-hearts don’t spread. They’ve been honest enough and it’s only apt that you keep things to yourself.

5. The things which irritate you

Moving in with someone can really test your patience, especially if you’re used to things done in a certain way. There will still be habits you won’t be able to stand. But, in these cases, open up to your partner – and not family and friends – so you can clear up all issues and be able to kick back together and chill for many years.

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