It’s been a busy year for the Losco sisters, what with both Lisa and Ira tying the knot, Jacqui shining in her modelling career, Ira judging on X Factor Malta for a second time, and Lisa announcing she and husband Byron are expecting their first born.

In the latest issue of Style on Sunday magazine, where the three sisters graced the cover, Ira revealed “I absolutely love Christmas in our family. I look forward to it all year, including the build-up.” Their mother takes the reins when it comes to Christmaspreparations. She begins by making traditional Arabic sweets, using recipes handed down from the girls’ late paternal grandmother, who lived in Alexandria.

Christmas Day itself startsoffwith mass, followed by lunch, tea, and presents. “Although, since Harry was born, Sean and I go to his parents’ for lunch, and then join my family after that,” Ira continues. “I have also started my own tradition of having my parents, my best friend and her boyfriend, and my sisters over on Christmas Eve for early dinner and drinks. Since Sean works every Christmas Eve, I love to have company, and it’s exciting for Harry as we prepare for Santa’s arrival with milk, cookies and, of course, a carrot.”

This Christmas, it is Lisa – a pilot – who is expecting, having got married earlier this year. She recalls the sisters’ own childhood Christmases fondly. “In the 80s I remember we had a multi-coloured tree, which was good fun. Then, one year, Ira decided it should be red, tartan and gold, and that theme stuck! It’s been the same ever since, and we love it. We always help decorate together, and I think that helps us to get into the spirit… but we don’t like taking it down, so our dad is on his own for that bit!

“Tea-time is definitely a tradition that we all love, as we have lots of family and friends over, and mum caters for around 30 people. Dad sets up disco lights and speakers, and the whole family ends up dancing and singing.”

The girls have always shared a tight sisterly bond, and their 2019 family events (and big ones no less) show just that. “Lisa’s wedding was a first for our family, so we were all very excited about it,” Ira continues. “So when I told my parents and sisters that Sean had popped the question, they were over the moon. We’ve always been a tight-knit family – immediate and extended – so our wedding a couple of weeks ago was another good excuse for us to all enjoy our time together!”

Ira admits that, since having Harry, she has become even more protective of her family. “We wanted a celebration with just family and a close circle of friends, and that’s exactly what we had. It was also lovely to have my team around me; in hindsight, it was a bit like getting ready for a gig, but funnier and more emotional!”

Now the family’s focus has shifted to Lisa’s news. “Children have a wonderful way of bringing newfound joy into families,” smiles the mum-to-be. “I remember the excitement and happiness Harry brought into our lives, so I imagine it will be the same for the next newcomer! Becoming a mum means everything to me. I have wanted this for a very long time, and it has been on hold because of my work commitments overseas. Now my husband Byron and I are thrilled about this life-changing experience and can't wait for this next chapter in our lives.”

Jacqui, meanwhile, is eager to become an aunt once again. “Being an aunt is actually way better than I could have ever imagined!” she grins. “Harry is absolutely hilarious, and he seems to enjoy my company, which is nice. We love playing and dancing together, and we are all looking forward to having another monkey in the house now we have such practice. I have no doubt he or she will also bring us lots of joy.”

Lisa concludes with her thoughts on being a member of the Losco clan. “I couldn’t have asked for better sisters,” she smiles. “We have an amazing relationship and it keeps getting better as we grow older. Throughout all these milestones in our lives, everything is certainly made better thanks to the love and laughter that we share – at Christmas and always.”

Matthew B Spiteri

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