With as many tones and moods as there are colours in the rainbow, you’d be forgiven for thinking millennial pink suffers from an identity crisis of sorts. But, it’s innate flexibility means it is perfect for this season – the wedding season, that is. Here’s how to use it!

1. Think shoes…

Re-use, re-use, re-use – after the wedding, that is. And, what better way than to pick a pair of shoes you will definitely find use for later – and have a bit of fun with!

2. ….and drinks…

You may knock them back quicker than you can say ‘another, barman!’ but that doesn’t mean your drinks shouldn’t fit in with the rest of your wedding theme.

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3. …and cake…

Stand out from the crowd – or, at least, make sure your cake does – by draping it in millennial pink.

4. Or on your macaroons

Too scrumptious to eat? Maybe!

5. As the theme to your place settings

Even if you have a stand-up reception, you can still adapt this idea through the large serving plates and tables. Subtle, yet attention-grabbing, this idea screams class (in a posh voice).

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6. Or the actual furniture

And why stop at plates? Chairs can be painted in the colour; tables can feature runners in a sprint of pink and you can add some feature cushions to the sofas and armchairs for a truly memorable look.

7. To dress up your pup

Need we say more?

8. Or your girls

This may be one of the more traditional ways to incorporate the colour into your big day, but it’s also one of the most flattering: the variety of shades described as ‘millennial pink’ promises a great match to different skin tones.

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9. And your man can even don the tone

Hey, why not? He is man enough after all, right?

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Victoria Bonvicini

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