From scheduled sex on weeknights to quickies with your pet at the foot of the bed, here are five types of sex married or long-term couples can relate to.

1. On Schedule

You probably advocated for ‘spontaneous, unplanned sex which should happen by itself’ in the past. We’re not saying that should stop – spontaneity is amazing. But there are going to be times when you’ll have to schedule it into your week. On that shared calendar you both have. With an alert to remind the both of you, lest you forget. Your fellow married friends can totally relate…just ask them.

2. The 9 to 5

At this point in your relationship, you should both know what you like – and why change something that works? Never stop experimenting and mixing things up of course, but on an average weeknight, when you both feel like getting up to something with minimum effort, going for the usual will cut it because, yes, you both think it’s awesome.

3. Giving the pets a show

Pet owners know what it’s like to lose ownership of their very own bed, so if your pup or kitty won’t move up, you just have to get creative. They might try interrupt the action with a bit of clawing, further encroachment of personal space or even unashamedly trying to get in between the two of you, but you must stand your ground and keep going, they’ll give up and snooze again soon enough.

4. When on holiday

A holiday can be a turn-on in many ways – if it’s a solo trip without the children, you have all the time in the world to romp around, but even if not, being on holiday means an escape from the daily grind, the thrill of being in a different place and a chance to reconnect on many levels. These are more than enough reasons to put couples in the mood.

5. For baby-making

At first, you might lean towards the ‘when it happens, it happens’ school of thought, but after months of unsuccessful attempts, you’ll realise that you can’t just get pregnant any time you have unprotected sex. There is only a small time window in a month when the magic can happen, and during that time, you’ll be at it like two teenagers in love for the very first time. When next month comes along, if the test is negative, it’s another baby-making marathon with copious amounts of sex.

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