Once again, expectant mothers who are about to give birth will be alone before and after the birth, with partners only allowed to be in the delivery suite.

According to information obtained by Gwida.mt, partners are now only allowed to be in the delivery suite for the birth and are not allowed inside the Obstetrics Wards at Mater Dei, starting today.

Parents need to be swabbed prior to entering the hospital, so if it’s a scheduled birth, parents are swabbed accordingly and partners are allowed in the delivery suite. However, if it’s a spontaneous birth, they enter the delivery suite, swab tests are done there.

If the results aren’t published until the mother has given birth, she and her baby are taken to Obs 2 or is given a room for herself. If, God forbid, the mother results positive, the baby is taken away until a negative swab is obtained. As it stands, the partner is only allowed inside the ward, particularly the delivery suite, for the birth.

Some mothers have lamented the decisions, saying that now four households can mix but having your partner by your side for such a moment is prohibited.

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