From now on, parents can officially register their child’s name using Maltese font and the first kid to do so is baby Ġanni who was born just two weeks ago. Speaking to TVM, Ġanni’s parents, Norbert and Michela, shared that they welcome the change wholeheartedly and it is the step in the right direction. “It’s a beautiful thing yet it’s unfortunate it wasn’t possible before,” they said.

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat announced that those who already have a Maltese name like, Ġużi, Liża, or Ċensu, can make minor amendments to their documents. “All those who couldn’t despite their parents wanting to do so, can now simply send an application to Identity Malta,” Muscat said, noting that the change is free of charge.

He noted that all those who wish to change their names or their children’s names to include Maltese font can do so in the coming weeks, as a legal notice will be issued shortly. He also noted that appearing in court is not needed to make these changes, as was previously required.

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