Amid the Coronavirus outbreak in Malta, many brides and grooms have had to postponed their weddings. But this couple didn’t let the virus stop their plans of getting married.

Taking all the necessary precautions, Danica and Ian got married earlier this week surrounded by their close family members, even though it was in an empty church.

“Weirdest part of it all... walking in on all those empty seats... and empty church, albeit our parents and siblings being there... but knowing it’s for a good reason to ensure the health of us all!” Danica shares on social media.

“But the true meaning of a wedding is the commitment you make to your loved one! I am so proud to have still gone forward with this decision and get married under these circumstances! I love you Ian Attard and I am proud to now call you my husband!”

Friends and family congratulated the newlyweds on their big day, saying they’ll celebrate when all this is over.

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