Nicole Caruana, 26, and Kristian D'Amato, 34, started discussing wedding arrangements a couple of years into their relationship and the pair got the ball rolling before an official proposal took place. Nicole reveals that she met her now-husband five years ago on the workplace and confesses that their attraction was mutual and instant.

Once the proposal came about, it was not planned but emerged as an organic reaction to a stunning situation. “We were holidaying in Lebanon and were at the foot of a beautiful waterfall and I mentioned to Kris that the place would have been ideal for a proposal,” Nicole recounts, adding that his immediate reaction was to propose on the spot.

luke azzo wedding

The next day, they set off to buy their engagement rings in Lebanon after months of futile searching in Malta. “We walked into the first jewellery store we found and fell in love with the first option we were presented with,” Nicole says, adding that “we are still friends on Facebook with the man who sold us the perfect ring!”

Speaking of her wedding arrangements, Nicole admits that she had secured both the local church and popular Gozitan wedding reception venue Ta’ Frenc quite early on in the process, but as time passed she thought of using the consecrated chapel within the perimeters of her parent’s property.

luke azzo wedding

Nicole reveals this required special permission from the Curia which took long months to achieve. When the go-ahead was eventually given, Nicole thought about shifting the reception to the same location and admits that she got very lucky: “Ta’ Frenc don’t usually cater for outside weddings but since we had already booked, they made a special exception for us and accommodated our request – we were very lucky!”

luke azzo wedding

Asked about the general theme of the wedding, Nicole reveals the couple both wanted to steer clear of unnecessary pomp and opted for a chill, relaxed and intimate style which they felt better reflected their identity. This is not only reflected through their choice of location, but everything from wedding decorations, to souvenirs (a home-made mulled wine spice kit) to the wedding dress.

Designed by her close friend Luke Azzopardi, Nicole says she cried when she first tried on the dress’s skeleton held together by a sea of bobby pins: “I had a proper ‘Say yes to the dress’ moment right there!” she giggles.

luke azzo wedding

Nicole reveals that Luke gifted her with her dream dress, a simple, unfussy, yet stunningly beautiful, slip-on gown which she had desperately searched for, but no local dress shop had catered for. Asked about having a friend design her gown, she replied that it was a nice addition to the beautiful, intimate wedding she envisioned.

October’s unpredictable weather meant she had to limit her guest list due to space issues in the case of rain. “I would have loved to have invited more people,” Nicole says, adding that the wedding day dawned a bright sunny day and would have allowed for more. The day itself was a very relaxed one with no chaos, exactly how Nicole and Kristian like things to run.

luke azzo wedding

There were no cars waiting outside, all the bride had to do was get ready, walk down the stairs and into the garden. “We spent the day dancing and eating with the people closest to us,” Nicole concludes.

Looking back, Nicole’s favourite memory was walking down the aisle and exchanging vows, which she describes as a “very raw and intimate moment.” Breaking from tradition, the bride walked down the aisle unaccompanied because she wanted the moment to revolve purely around the couple.

luke azzo wedding

“My dad walked me down the stairs and led me to the aisle, I said my goodbyes and walked forward into a new life,” Nicole explains, highlighting that nothing was rehearsed, and actions were governed by raw emotion. Asked about honeymoon arrangements, Nicole adds that the couple have made no plans so far. “I know you’re supposed to book it early on, but for us it was too much stress with all the wedding planning!” Nicole laughs.

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