Stefania and Anthony’s story is very much the ultimate Hollywood tale. It all started at Stefania’s workplace, which Anthony often frequented with his friends. After passing a positive comment about Anthony to her workmate, he got wind of it and asked her to accompany him to an exclusive party. Fast forward seven years, and the pair are now hitched.

Stefania admits that while the word ‘romantic’ is nowhere to be found in Anthony’s vocabulary, the way he proposed was extremely sweet and touching. The pair share a birthday, and Anthony chose that day specifically – 2nd March – to ask his girlfriend to marry him. 

“He had asked me to meet him at our yet unfinished house,” Stefania explains, adding that upon arrival, she found a cake and a card addressed to ‘My Fiancée’ waiting for her. Stefania reveals she initially chastised him for it: “I was like, ‘you bought the wrong card!’ but when I turned around, I found him with an engagement ring in his hand.”

That was back in 2016, but Stefania reveals the pair took a year and a half before taking the mission of wedding planning seriously. “We got married at Lapsi Church as it was always Anthony’s wish that if he ever got married, he’d do so at the old parish church of Saint Julian’s,” Stefania reveals.

While there were some arguments to be had, mostly to do with Anthony being more of an extrovert and wanting a larger wedding, to which Stefania admits he got his way in the end, she concludes that the pair “took decisions as a team, had our fair share of arguments, but we made it in the end.”

With the wedding held on 21st September, a precarious time in forecasting weather, the venue was the most difficult choice to make. “As individuals we love the outdoors thus our first choices were garden venues with a sea view, but this proved to be difficult as we needed to find another indoor venue as back-up.” In the end, they opted for the beautiful Villa Arrigo, with its lovely garden and great indoor option as back-up for bad weather.

Choosing the band was another major decision. Stefania admits that Anthony was not a fan of Maltese music, but after experiencing the vibe The Travellers – her favourite band – created, she reveals that her husband is now a recent convert. The pair also had another band, Scarlett, which absolutely rocked the garden area.

“The day was perfect from start to finish,” Stefania reveals and admits to feeling extremely relaxed all throughout, despite only settling on a track for the first dance three days prior to the wedding. “We had never practiced it and we are not good dancers,” Stefania laughs as she reminisces. “We ended up dancing to the song Dak li int, an original song of The Travellers, and it turned out so natural!”

For their honeymoon, the couple will be taking a long-distance trip this December and are set to embark on a trip to South America. They will be visiting the capital cities of Brazil and Argentina for a short time, after which they plan to embark on a 14-day cruise of the continent. 

Watch snippets from the couple’s wedding day:

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