When your mother fixes your tie 

You might scoff at the thought of this now, but when your mother stands before you, fixing your tie and passing on words of encouragement with watery eyes, your emotions could very well get the better of you.

When you see your fiancé walking down the aisle

This is the moment most grooms fail to keep it together, and with very good reason. How can you fight back tears of joy watching the woman you love breezing up the aisle looking sensational and stunning, knowing she’s about to become the woman you spend the rest of your life with?

When your future father-in-law embraces you in a hug

This is the moment many fathers share a special moment with their future son-in-law – a strong pat on the shoulder, a few words of wisdom or a fatherly hug. And after the emotion of watching your future wife walk towards you, this unusual show of affection might be the cherry on the cake.

When you’re announced as husband and wife

“You may kiss the bride” – this is the moment attending guests erupt into applause and when you and your wife share a tender moment before a cheerful audience. You may or may not shed a tear, but it’s likely to move you nonetheless.

When your best man gives a killer speech

We’ve all attended weddings with terrible best man speeches, but occasionally, you find a needle in a haystack. That needle might be your best man, who delivers the most heart-warming speech filled with amazing and happy memories, and it just might be the moment that pushes you over the edge.

When your wife blindsides you with an amazing surprise            

Many women have a knack for organising that something special they know their man will love – it could be an adorable dance routine after the first dance, a speech which outshines that of the best man or an unexpected food item that she knows will have you beaming from ear to ear. These special surprises will catch you unaware, and, if you haven’t shed a tear so far, you probably will now.

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