Well-known local DJ, Keith Panelli and one half of X Factor semi-finalist duo, Yazmin and James, have announced their wedding date… again. 

Keith had shared details of his engagement to Yazmin in a Facebook post back in 2020, but boy has a lot changed since then!  

Yesterday, Yazmin took to her Instagram to post a short clip of her and her fiancé holding up their engagement rings with the caption “We vow to celebrate each date until we have a REAL wedding.”

The singer then proceeded to spill a whole cup of tea as she ended the caption with the new wedding date - 15th October 2022.

The wedding was originally set to happen yesterday 3rd October, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the celebration had to be postponed..

The post also included a photo of the couple wearing what we assume are elements of their planned wedding attire. 

We’re glad to see that Keith and Yazmin still took the opportunity to celebrate. 

Congratulations you guys, we hope we won’t be posting about a third date any time soon! 

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