An initiative by local midwives to offer free support and advice to pregnant women and new mums has kicked off today.

Named Midwives 4 Families, the initiative consists of a number of local midwives who will be offering support and advice from Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm. The service is free of charge.

On their freshly-launched Facebook page, the group explained that the Corona pandemic has created an unprecedented need for support, assurance and sound medical advice: “Being pregnant or having just had a baby comes with its own bag of worries, even in normal circumstances,” the post read.

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The group reveals that this spurred the midwives to bond together for a good cause: “This is why we, a group of midwives, have decided to set up this service, to offer support, advice and consultation free of charge to everyone who needs it, in a private, personalized and respectful way!” the post revealed.

Midwives 4 Families highlighted that the service is not meant to replace antenatal visits: “It is vital that you keep having regular visit with your care provider,” the post concluded.

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