Adopting a child from Malta? Couples or individuals who opt to do so will be eligible for a maximum grant of €1,000, Family Minister Michael Falzon said in a press conference this morning.

He noted that the grant is lower than that given to parents who adopt children from overseas due to the fact that there are fewer expenses with regards to local adoption. Parents adopting from abroad can be reimbursed for expenses up to €10,000.

The minister shared that with the help of this grant for local adoption, around 90 children could be adopted in the coming months. “Fostering families can now adopt the child that they are looking after, after five years (three in extraordinary cases), down from the previous minimum of 10 years,” he said in addition, noting that there are currently 44 children with a ‘permanence plan’ to remain with their foster carers.

He noted that the pandemic didn’t help in the sphere of adoption, however, such measures are being introduced for the people and will affect them in a positive manner.

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