A petition created yesterday regarding the possibility of reconsidering a measure implemented regarding childbirth is going round on social media. It appeals to Health Minister Chris Fearne to allow partners to be with the mother during hours of labour.

“Partners should be swabbed also with the mother and should be able to join during the hours of labour,” the petition starts off.  “The solution for covid19 to delivery isn’t the shortage of time the father is there, but for him to be swabbed! If he is allowed at the ‘pushing’ stage, he can still infect the child, mother and midwife. I think it's super important to include that partner support decreases the pain-fear-tension syndrome, with less risk of physical or psychological complications.”

“Amid the strictest laws being created, most hospitals around EU are still allowing one person in with the mother, they're even calling them a 'Support Person'. It is mentally unhealthy for a mother to experience child birth pain alone unless wanting to herself. This is a petition for the father to be swabbed as well and be allowed with the mother and experience together the child being born along with the pain and happiness it brings.”

So far, 1,341 people have signed the petition with a total of 2,000 signatures needed for it to be valid. If you’d like, you can support the petition here

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