Mums and dads are undoubtedly the most important people in a child’s life, but there are certain family members that will also leave an invaluable impact. One such person is an aunt who will provide lots of love and support in the different stages of their niece or nephew’s life and will be a constant role model. Here are just some reasons why aunts are awesome.

1. They’re always there to play

Aunties love spending time with their nieces and nephews and are full of great ideas. Every kid knows that when their aunt is over, they’re in for a good time. Aunts also love a fun day trip to the beach, park or playground to spend quality time with them. Bonus!

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2. They provide discipline without being too harsh

Just like parents, aunties know how important good behaviour, manners and discipline are when raising a child. They usually take a gentler approach than the parents which children benefit a lot from, knowing that if they don’t obey, they’ll lose a playmate!

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3. They’re great babysitters

Aunts are happy to pitch in and help with raising kids, and sometimes babysitting comes into play. While mum and dad recharge themselves, aunties can step in to babysit or organise a fun sleepover which will definitely build special memories.

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4. They tell stories about their niece or nephew’s parents as a kid

Kids are curious little beings and constantly ask questions, and sometimes it’s about their own parents! Aunties can provide the inside scoop and funny stories about parents that otherwise wouldn’t be told.

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5. They’ll be great friends to their niece or nephew once they grow up

If kids had great relationships with their aunts, once they grow up they’ll keep meeting up with each other, maybe even going for drinks, coffee and lunch dates with their aunties, who will be in their lives every step of the way.

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6. They’re incredible role models

It’s a known fact that children imitate adults, and aunts are perfect role models. Sometimes children don’t listen when they’re being told off or asked to behave in a certain way, but seeing principles in action by their aunties could help a great deal.

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7. They’re great listeners and advice-givers

Children don’t always go to their parents when they have a problem. But, they can turn to their aunts for advice. Aunties are great listeners and offer up great advice based on their own experiences. Confiding in an aunt is a good way to get advice from a trusted adult, or to help them decide the best way to tell their parents about a situation.

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8. They might have kids of their own

If aunties ever have kids of their own, their nieces or nephews will have cousins they can play with. The bond with these family members will last a lifetime and they can find support in each other at whatever stage in their lives.

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