During one of the biggest days of your life, you’ll want the most important people standing right beside you. Here are eight cool ways to propose to your best mates to do just that.

1. Plan a guys’ day

Planning a guys’ day is always fun. Catch up on life, kick back a few bottles of beer and then slip in the fact that you’d like them to all be your groomsmen. There’s no better time to pop that other question than in a relaxed setting, and it’s also a great opportunity to break the ice for those guys who haven’t met yet.

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2. Build a groomsman starter pack

Clue them into the fact that they’re going to be groomsmen by gifting them a wedding day starter pack including things like a shaving kit, cufflinks, tie bar, and cool socks. You can also add things like their favourite liquor or an engraved lighter.

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3. Say it with booze

Get a bottle of your mates’ favourite booze and attach a funny or sentimental note to the front asking them to be part of your wedding party. You can also create custom-made labels or have the bottle engraved as a keepsake.

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4. Be humorous about it

Weddings tend to be serious endeavours, but when it comes to proposing to your mates, we suggest keeping it light-hearted. You’ve already done this proposal business once, so this one should be a piece of cake! Rather than asking them “Will you be my groomsman?”, consider “She said ‘yes,’ now it’s your turn!”

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5. Disregard gender

Your best man doesn’t have to be a dude at all. You can ask your sister, best female friend, favourite cousin to be in your wedding party. They’ll serve as awesome ‘best woman,’ ‘groomslady,’ or whatever cool moniker you can come up with!

6. Customise gifts

Customise a gift they’ll definitely use! Pint glasses, cigars, bottles of booze and cufflinks are all great ideas, representing the unique sense of brotherhood you share. Up your creativity game by adding a card to the gift, requesting their groomsmen services. They’ll definitely love it.

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7. Put it in writing

If your mates can appreciate a good joke (and we’re sure they can), consider giving them a pack of compiled funny jokes, with the grand finale at the end asking them to be part of your party. Get creative and create a pack of all your inside jokes, which will definitely have them roaring with laughter!

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8. Sweet treats

If you and your mates have a big sweet tooth then this one’s for you. Order a box of doughnuts, a cake or customisable chocolate bars with a message on top. Break the news that way and you’ll have them jumping with excitement, all while stuffing their faces with carby goodness!

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