1. Rehearse

Grab a good mate and do a trial run of the proposal, asking your friend to point out anything you may not have thought of. If you’re too embarrassed to do so, look in the mirror and practice till you feel you’ve gotten it just right!

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2. Recce the site

Prepare for all eventualities by checking out the spot where you plan to drop on one knee. Is it outside and do you need to check the weather? What’s the temperature going to be like? Pre-think anything you may need so there are no last-minute concerns on the day.

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3. Don’t drink

You may be tempted to take in a couple of shots of that special whiskey you’ve been saving but resist and treat yourself to one when they’ve said yes! Then, be sure you also have a bit of bubbly to toast to your bright future together.

4. Know you don’t actually need to drop to one knee!

This is your proposal so rest assured it must be done in the style you feel most comfortable. Your spouse-to-be may not want a big fuss to be made, and they’ll definitely not want you to feel weird, so plan something which feels most natural to you, as an individual, and to you both, as a couple.

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5. Know that they’ll say yes

It’s likely you’ve been together for a long time, and, unless this is some sort of twisted last-ditch attempt to save your relationship, it’s likely you’ve just become closer as the years have progressed. So, relish this moment of joy by imagining the look of love on their face as you pop the question.

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6. Switch your phone off!

The last thing you want is to be interrupted by a well-meaning family member or friend asking you how it’s gone. Go offline and take some time for the two of you, for this is a point in your relationship which you’re never going to get again.

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7. Don’t involve family

Though they may want the best for you, family don’t need to know everything that’s going on. Some secrets are healthy and will help you retain a balanced, calm outlook. And, anyway, you can always give them a ring to let them know AFTER they’ve said yes!

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