Dewy, glossy skin has completely taken over the world of beauty, and if you follow any beauty blogs at all, one can’t help but feel an extraordinary amount of pressure to look like a flower unfurling its petals at the crack of dawn, at all hours of the day.

However, matte skin may be making a big comeback, particularly at weddings – here’s why.

1. The matte finish looks great in photos

The matte finish is a bit of a misnomer, as it makes people think of super dry skin. It’s more like a neutral skin finish, with no gloss and sheen, and that will look really good in your wedding photos.

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2. It pairs well with bold make-up

If you’re the kind of bride who likes a bold lip, a matte foundation is the perfect base to bring out your favourite shades of red, pink and coral, and play around with textures and finishes. You can also go for a heavier eye with a shimmer finish.

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3. It works for all skin types

If you have skin that tends to be on the dry side, you may think a matte look will only accentuate your dryness. However, that’s not true – there are plenty of products that are super hydrating on the skin, yet provide a satin and shine-free finish.

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4. Especially oily and combination skin!

Matte skin is particularly good if you have excessively oily skin or are prone to breaking out, since matte formulas won’t add excessive moisture.

5. All it takes is a little prepping

For our oily or combination skin sisters, the secret to all-day shine-free skin is preparation. Start with a micellar water cleanse, follow with a mattifying moisturiser, and then a shine-control primer before moving on to foundation.

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6. You can still use highlighter

Going matte doesn’t mean giving up the glow completely, of course! However, powder highlighters are advisable in order to keep the matte look consistent.

We’re totally on board.

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