In other words, be prepared. Bring pictures of makeup looks that inspire you, as well as photos of your dress, and bring your veil to the hair trial too. The more details your makeup artist has about what you’ll be wearing on your big day, the more they can adapt their strategy to suit not just your face but your outfit too. Take notes about what you like and don’t like, and don’t be afraid to be opinionated.

Look the part

Lifehack time – we’re definitely not suggesting that you wear your dress to the make-up trial, but if you take a cheap white T-shirt and cut the neckline so that it matches your wedding gown, it will certainly help you get an idea of how your hair and makeup will work with your dress.

Take photos

Once you’re happy with your hair and makeup, make sure you take a shot from every angle as well as a full-length shot, and take photos both inside and outdoors, under different kinds of lighting, to see how you’ll look in different settings. Having plenty of photos will also make it easy on the stylist to recreate the look on the day itself.

Watch the clock

It may take a long time to find your perfect wedding day look, but don’t fret – on the day itself, it should take far less, because you’ll know exactly what you want. But to be on the safe side, ask your stylist and makeup artist how long they’ll take on your wedding day and be sure to budget extra time just in case.

Money matters

At the end of the trial, you should discuss the financial expectations for the big day. Get as much info as you can about the size of the bridal party, what style each person wants and where the styling will take place. If you have a large party, you should also ask who will be helping out your stylist and how experienced they are.

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