1. Saying yes to EVERYTHING!

Taking on too much is a recipe for disaster as you lead up to the big day! Learn to say no – or to ask for help – if the task list just gets too long for you and your future spouse. This is an important lesson to learn for those days when you’re actually hitched: the priority is your time as a family, so learn to protect that.

2. Hiding your true feelings

Honesty is always the best policy, as the old adage says. And, if you’ve gotten into the habit of covering up your emotions from your soon-to-be-spouse, then try and let go of your fear and trust them. You’ve chosen someone you can lean on, through thick and thin, so start opening up.

3. Forgetting to empathise

During highly stressful situations, it is easy to just look at things from your point of view and get into a self-serving spiral of panic. But this doesn’t help anyone, least of all the person you’ll soon be spending the rest of your life with. Instead, take a deep breath and look at things from your loved one’s point of view – you’ll feel much brighter for it!

4. Interfering in each other’s families

This is a common problem, and it would be a surprise to hear that all is well in the world of your modern family. Issues close to the wedding day are bound to pop up but let your future spouse deal with things on their own terms when it comes to their family unit. Don’t butt in – after all, you may not have the full picture (or know all the history) to be able to make a valid contribution.

5. Enforcing loads of demands!

We know you want your special day to be just that: special. But, doing that – at all costs – will actually destroy the few elements of your wedding which will make it memorable: peace, serenity and a very good time! Accept that there is no way everything will be perfect. Once you’ve embraced that, you’ll be able to enjoy your day with your new spouse – and life – so much more!

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