A hair and make-up trial is ideal to make sure that you’ll get the look you want on the big day. Here’s how to maximise the experience and ensure you look your very best when it comes to saying I Do.

1. Book one early, but not too early

Give yourself enough time to find the perfect make-up artist (MUA) or stylist, but don’t make a hair or make-up trial the first thing on your to-do list. The style of your hair and makeup depends on several things, including your wedding dress, wedding date, and even your venue, so going in too early is a recipe for disappointment.

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2. Do your research

Don’t let all the responsibility fall on the stylist or MUA – after all, unless they know you very well, they probably don’t know exactly what you’re after. You should invest some time in coming up with a look that’s personal to you. Whether you love natural-looking make-up or a bold smoky eye, an elegant updo or long and loose braids, trawl through the internet or magazines for inspiration, so the picture you’ll present to your stylist and MUA of what you want them to do for you will be more cohesive.

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3. Communicate what you want clearly

You need to be as honest and open with your stylist or MUA as possible. If the results of the trial aren’t to your liking, it’s not the end of the world, but this is the time to speak up. You can take their opinions into account, but at the end of the day, it’s your wedding, so you’re the one who has to be satisfied.

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4. Go back for a second trial

The first wedding hair and makeup trial won’t necessarily go perfectly, but if your stylist or MUA were understanding, helpful, and good at their jobs, make sure you book a second trial. This time, make sure you come in with fixed opinions and a list of specific things you were bothered by the last time – take notes if you have to!

5. Don’t chase a lost cause

If you don’t click with the MUA or the stylist, they don’t respect your opinions or vision, or they’re simply not getting it, it might be time to seek someone else’s services. If they can’t pull off what you want after the second chance, they’re not going to get it right on the day, and that’s a fact.

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